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Taco Shop e-book available for download

Sugar Skull Sueños is now available for electronic download in an effort to simultaneously be read, brown and green! Please visit our bookstore for more info.


Leticia Hernández-Linares releases “Mucha Muchacha: Too Much Girl”

Mucha Muchacha: Too Much Girl (Audio CD)
Leticia Hernández Linare

“A powerful singer, songwriter and poet—como una flor constantly opening, here are intense images, haunting metaphors, rich details: thoughtful and illuminating. These words speak to and out from violence in all it’s forms: state, domestic, public: a hummingbird as she crosses literary turfs and weaves talent, heart and cultura que cura into bandages for us all.” – Lorna Dee Cervantes.
Price: $12.95

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